Goring Family History
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Shoreditch, London



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1770Shoreditch, London I2655
2 Mary E  1874Shoreditch, London I2811
3 Broster, Elizabeth  1843Shoreditch, London I2672
4 Broster, Elizabeth  1871Shoreditch, London I2676
5 Broster, Harry  1879Shoreditch, London I2677
6 Broster, James  1835Shoreditch, London I2671
7 Broster, Martha  1845Shoreditch, London I2673
8 Broster, Mary  1834Shoreditch, London I2670
9 Broster, William  1848Shoreditch, London I2674
10 Goring, John  8 Apr 1861Shoreditch, London I660
11 Greenfield, Caroline  1829Shoreditch, London I2667
12 Greenfield, Charles  1817Shoreditch, London I2663
13 Greenfield, Elizabeth  1814Shoreditch, London I2662
14 Greenfield, John  1813Shoreditch, London I2661
15 Greenfield, Kezia  6 Nov 1808Shoreditch, London I2657
16 Greenfield, Martha  1826Shoreditch, London I2666
17 Greenfield, Mary  1823Shoreditch, London I2665
18 Greenfield, Robert  1821Shoreditch, London I2664
19 Hales, Sarah  Abt 1795Shoreditch, London I2650
20 McCarthy, Edward  Abt 1859Shoreditch, London I2743
21 Moody, Eleanor  Abt 1753Shoreditch, London I2653
22 Moody, Thomas  1773Shoreditch, London I2651
23 Moody, William  1795Shoreditch, London I2649
24 Moody, William John  Abt 1830Shoreditch, London I2562
25 Stemp, Hannah  Abt 1773Shoreditch, London I2652
26 Tewkesbury, Elizabeth  1836Shoreditch, London I2675
27 Walker, Emma  1884Shoreditch, London I2375
28 Walker, Healgrd (Nell)  1896Shoreditch, London I2378
29 Walker, Louisa Maud  30 Jul 1890Shoreditch, London I2376


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Goring, Robert  Bef 3 Apr 1881Shoreditch, London I96