Goring Family History
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Portsmouth, Hampshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary K  1871Portsmouth, Hampshire I1758
2 Bennett, Cynthia Audrey   I1814
3 Breach, Mary Alexandrine  1854Portsmouth, Hampshire I1665
4 Cobb, George William   I1661
5 Cobb, Raymond George   I1782
6 Cobb, Sandra Jean   I1657
7 Coles, Abbie Jane   I1094
8 Coles, Ethel May  1887Portsmouth, Hampshire I1424
9 Coles, George Hector  1893Portsmouth, Hampshire I1307
10 Coles, Horace Bertie  1889Portsmouth, Hampshire I1421
11 Coles, Ivy Olive Irene  1895Portsmouth, Hampshire I1423
12 Coles, James Albert  1884Portsmouth, Hampshire I1420
13 Coles, Lily  1898Portsmouth, Hampshire I1464
14 Coles, Nora O  Abt 1925Portsmouth, Hampshire I1310
15 Coles, Percy  1891Portsmouth, Hampshire I1419
16 Coles, Richard Henry  1883Portsmouth, Hampshire I1422
17 Coles, Shane Ian   I1095
18 Coles, Wilfred.H  Abt 1925Portsmouth, Hampshire I1312
19 Coles, William Henry  1881Portsmouth, Hampshire I1698
20 Colverson, Albert  1888Portsmouth, Hampshire I1844
21 Colverson, Annie Jane  1886Portsmouth, Hampshire I1843
22 Colverson, George Benjamin  1894Portsmouth, Hampshire I1846
23 Colverson, Henry William  1892Portsmouth, Hampshire I1845
24 Cooper, William  Abt 1750Portsmouth, Hampshire I272
25 Crafts, Mary Jane  1857Portsmouth, Hampshire I1439
26 Ford, Annie Jane  1864Portsmouth, Hampshire I1842
27 Fox, Margaret  1775Portsmouth, Hampshire I17
28 Goring, Ada  1882Portsmouth, Hampshire I1756
29 Goring, Alice  1849Portsmouth, Hampshire I678
30 Goring, Ann  1805Portsmouth, Hampshire I263
31 Goring, Charles  1900Portsmouth, Hampshire I1761
32 Goring, Daniel Grimes  1806Portsmouth, Hampshire I264
33 Goring, Eliza  1808Portsmouth, Hampshire I92
34 Goring, Eliza  1816Portsmouth, Hampshire I95
35 Goring, Elizabeth  19 Mar 1810Portsmouth, Hampshire I93
36 Goring, Elizabeth  1899Portsmouth, Hampshire I1760
37 Goring, Frederick  1845Portsmouth, Hampshire I677
38 Goring, Henry K  1891Portsmouth, Hampshire I1759
39 Goring, Jane  1802Portsmouth, Hampshire I91
40 Goring, John  1798Portsmouth, Hampshire I9
41 Goring, John  1824Portsmouth, Hampshire I97
42 Goring, Mary  Sep 1800Portsmouth, Hampshire I90
43 Goring, Mary  1851Portsmouth, Hampshire I679
44 Goring, Robert  1819Portsmouth, Hampshire I96
45 Goring, Robert  1845Portsmouth, Hampshire I676
46 Goring, Thomas  1813Portsmouth, Hampshire I94
47 Goring, William  1848Portsmouth, Hampshire I265
48 Goring, William  1854Portsmouth, Hampshire I2833
49 Goring, William George  1862Portsmouth, Hampshire I106
50 Goring, William Henry George  1889Portsmouth, Hampshire I71

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eva  Portsmouth, Hampshire I1325
2 Coles, Ethel May  16 Apr 1964Portsmouth, Hampshire I1424
3 Coles, George.W.H  Portsmouth, Hampshire I1309
4 Coles, Peter George  Portsmouth, Hampshire I1326
5 Coles, Wilfred.H  Portsmouth, Hampshire I1312
6 Coles, William Henry  1884Portsmouth, Hampshire I1698
7 Goring, William  1848Portsmouth, Hampshire I265
8 Mundy, James  5 Apr 1988Portsmouth, Hampshire I1203
9 Mundy, John  Dec 1989Portsmouth, Hampshire I1204
10 Newsom, Victor Francis  31 Jan 1946Portsmouth, Hampshire I1126
11 Newsom, Victor George  Dec 1983Portsmouth, Hampshire I1142
12 Peach, Clara Elizabeth  1969Portsmouth, Hampshire I1127
13 Wigmore, Frederick  10 Nov 1981Portsmouth, Hampshire I1343


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cole / Dryer  1855Portsmouth, Hampshire F542
2 Coles / Crafts  1881Portsmouth, Hampshire F515
3 Coles / Harris  1908Portsmouth, Hampshire F507
4 Coles / Tull  1880Portsmouth, Hampshire F540
5 Goring / Gorvin  8 Aug 1951Portsmouth, Hampshire F8
6 Oliver / Coles  1887Portsmouth, Hampshire F539
7 Winchcombe / Coles  1909Portsmouth, Hampshire F510