Goring Family History
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Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hoare, Daisy Emily  5 Jul 1890Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I33
2 Hoare, Emily  Bef 17 Mar 1870Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I368
3 Hoare, George  Bef 13 Oct 1867Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I369
4 Hoare, James  1869Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I365
5 Hoare, Lucy  1873Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I367
6 Hoare, Robert  1874Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I590
7 Hoare, William  1871Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I366
8 Norris, Agnes Marian  1897Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I2916
9 Norris, Alan Arthur   I350
10 Norris, Alfred William  1881Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I315
11 Norris, Archibald James  1895Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I2915
12 Norris, Caroline Ann  1902Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I2917
13 Norris, Charles Arthur  4 Jan 1900Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I37
14 Norris, Edward Charles  1892Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I2914
15 Norris, Ethel Maria  1886Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I320
16 Norris, Fredrick James   I352
17 Norris, Fredrick Noel  Bef 10 Jun 1897Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I323
18 Norris, George  Dec 1829Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I338
19 Norris, George Edward  9 Apr 1895Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I324
20 Norris, Harry James  1893Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I321
21 Norris, James  1834Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I325
22 Norris, James  1856Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I38
23 Norris, John  1803Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I326
24 Norris, Kathleen Annie   I348
25 Norris, Laura Fanny  Aft 12 Jan 1883Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I316
26 Norris, Laura Jean   I349
27 Norris, Margaret Alice  18 Apr 1903Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I322
28 Norris, Maude Elizabeth  1903Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I2918
29 Norris, Phyliss Ada   I351
30 Norris, Rosa Emily  1890Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I317
31 Norris, William  1857Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I332
32 Turner, Brian Alec   I191
33 Turner, Cyril Arthur   I20
34 Turner, Freda Ann Sylvia   I192
35 Turner, Herbert Alan  30 Dec 1923Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I182
36 Turner, Michael Anthony   I193
37 Whitmore-Turner, Herbert James  11 Nov 1893Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I21


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  16 Mar 1922Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I511
2 Bicknell, Florence Lilian  21 Mar 1988Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I360
3 Hoare, Daisy Emily  31 Mar 1974Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I33
4 Hoare, Emily  1904Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I368
5 Hoare, George  1919Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I369
6 Hoare, Robert  1923Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I49
7 Hoare, William Francis  30 Mar 1985Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I285
8 Norris, Edith  11 Jul 1899Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I512
9 Norris, Fredrick Noel  10 Jun 1977Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I323
10 Norris, George  May 1830Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I338
11 Norris, George Edward  13 Feb 1980Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I324
12 Norris, James  12 May 1939Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I38
13 Norris, Sarah  1846Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I340
14 Norris, William  1836Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I327
15 Norris, William  16 Apr 1912Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I333
16 Pillock, Edith May  26 Jul 1986Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I347
17 Scott, Emily  8 Mar 1905Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I386
18 Triggs, Fanny  19 Jan 1942Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I40
19 Turner, Peter Edward  28 Mar 1930Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I190
20 Turner, William Henry  29 Jul 1904Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire I22


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Norris / Bicknell  8 Apr 1920Blackmoor, Selborne, Hampshire F117